Month: August 2018

Summer 2018 – Out on the Isle of Wight

“I just wanted to message you and the Incredible Eggs team to express a huge thank you from all of the residents and staff at St Vincents. Our duckling experience was incredible and we all thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. We were so pleased that we managed to hatch all six eggs and to see them develop and grow… Read more »

August 2018 – Apple munching and duck watching

Gorgeous August – who wouldn’t want to be working outside on perfect days like these? Memories to treasure during the dark, cold months that lay ahead! Photos taken at our Scotland/North/Midlands farm.    

August 2018 – A ‘flying visit’ from the partridges…

This footage was captured on our remote camera a couple of days after the birds were released. A quick bite to eat and drink and then off they flew back into the evening sunshine. The partridges will have access to food, water and shelter at all release sites throughout their first winter.