Month: June 2018

June 2018 – Grey Partridge Update

Just to let you know that the partridges are doing really well. We’re really hoping they will attract a mature wild grey partridge who will adopt them and teach them how to live in the wild. Research has proven that their chances of survival are much higher when this happens.  It’s an amazing fact that wild… Read more »

Summer 2018 – Back at the farm

Here are some of our ‘teenage’ chickens hatched in schools, nurseries and care homes earlier in the year. Those cute, fluffy chicks have grown quite a bit since then!  Now enjoying the start of summer and a free-ranging life back on the farm at Incredible Eggs South East in Kent.

Late Spring 2018 – See how they’ve grown

Here are some of the ducklings hatched in schools, nurseries and care homes earlier in the year from our South West branch. Now enjoying life on the pond back on the farm in Cornwall…and looking a LOT bigger!

Late Spring 2018 – Not all chicken eggs are brown!

Here are just a few of the eggs we collected today from our gorgeous free-range chickens at our London and East branch. These will be going out to schools, nurseries and care homes in 3 weeks time, when they are ready to hatch. The blue/green eggs were laid by our Cream Legbars and the pink/orange eggs by… Read more »

August 2018 – A Surprise chick at our South East branch!

There’s just no stopping a broody hen. Look who had hidden herself away under the hen house on top of a great big pile of secret eggs. She emerged a couple of days ago with one single, very gorgeous chick! We suspect this is going to be one seriously pampered baby. Mum is a pure breed called a Light Sussex.