Month: May 2019

May 2019 – Animal Welfare: More ducklings…and chicks too!

 These birds are almost ready to leave the cosy stable where they have lived for the last few weeks and venture into the great outdoors – by that we mean the paddock! The ducklings are Pekins (on the ‘Watchlist’ with the Rare Breed Survival Trust) and the chicks are a mix of Light Sussex and Rhode Island Reds.

May 2019 – Animal Welfare: They’re growing up – and fast!

Here are some of our school/nursery/care home ducklings back at the farm. The ducklings in this pen are now a few weeks old and have done a LOT of growing since they first hatched. Ducklings can cope with much cooler temperatures than chicks. They have more fat on their bodies and dense fluff, which helps to… Read more »

May 2019 – Safeguarding Biodiversity: Ducks, ducks everywhere!

See how they’ve grown! Here are some of the ducks hatched in schools, nurseries and care homes earlier this year. They have been growing up in the orchards at our branch farm in Yorkshire before they go to live with domestic poultry enthusiasts and smallholders. There are 4 different pure breeds shown in these photos – Pekins, Runners, Magpies and Cayugas. Pekins, Magpies and Cayugas are… Read more »

The Isle of Thanet News

Ramsgate Arts Primary watch miracle of life as ducklings hatch – May 2019 Early Years Learning Lead at RAPS said: “We have had chicks hatching with us for the last few years at RAPS but this was the first time we have ever experienced ducks. This was completely different and everyone has thoroughly enjoyed it. The children have experienced… Read more »

May 2019 – Education: Private Bookings

As well as working in schools, nurseries and care homes, Incredible Eggs also works in private domestic settings. Here are some photographs sent in from some happy customers, with some kind words from Mum, Gemma: ​“We recently had a duckling hatching kit at home for our 2 preschool children. The experience for them was incredible. They learnt… Read more »

News & Star

News & Star Ducklings provide therapy for Carlisle care home residents – May 2019 “It has been a really good piece of therapy for those living here, as all of our residents have some form of dementia. The animals bring out the best of some of the residents.” The care home previously hosted two batches of chicks – but… Read more »

May 2019 – Education: The fabulous ducks of Apple Tree Nursery

Apple Tree Nursery in Essex kept the ducks they hatched last year and created a fully enclosed run for them to live in on site. They also have a large grass enclosure, where they spend time interacting with the nursery children and staff. Here they are a year on, looking gorgeous! The girls are laying well… Read more »

May 2019 – Wildlife Conservation: Our first grey partridge eggs arrive!

There was much eggcitement at our London and East branch today, when our first grey partridge eggs arrived! These beautiful little eggs really are tiny – we’ve photographed one next to some coins to give you an idea of scale. They will soon be going out to schools across London and the Eastern region of the country, where they… Read more »

May 2019 – Animal Welfare: Proud new mum…

One of our Lavender Pekins with ‘her’ new brood! ​This lavender Pekin failed to hatch out the eggs she’d been sitting on – we’re not quite sure why they didn’t hatch, but it was sad to see her still trying and waiting day after day. So we were a bit sneaky…We waited until dark and swapped the infertile eggs… Read more »